“It is my mission, through Art Healing Hearts, to help others learn to release the negativity, the sadness, the pain and confusion through artistic expression.  My goal is to go into the places where some would rather not go, and help people use art as an expression of their feelings and begin the process of recovery and healing, freeing the artist from their hurt, pain, confusion, and addictions.”

After the passing of her first husband, Lu started to paint just for the love of it; places she had been, people she admired, and even things that hurt.  Soon she realized painting helped her cope with her loss.  She felt good and discovered she could release her pain through painting.

Shortly after his death, she found herself in an abusive relationship and slowly drifted away from painting.  However, in an effort to escape from the environment of the toxic relationship, she quickly returned to painting once again.  It was in this place she found the peace and solace she needed, releasing her pain, frustration, anger, and hurt (in a positive way).  Painting was something she could focus on, something she could accomplish and feel good about.

There was a moment, deeply focused on her painting, when something big happened.  Lu came to the realization this healing experience was something she had to share with others; and, it was in this moment when Art Healing Hearts was born. 

Lu Monteleone-Grinnell


Art Healing Hearts 


Waco, TX 


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